Good Baseball Fan Blogs

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I read a lot. I used to read mostly books, but it’s mostly the Internet now. I also read a lot of baseball stuff, and as such I like to read up on what’s going on. Anyway, I read a couple of fan blogs for MLB teams fairly regularly, and it made me wonder if such animals exist for ther rest of the teams? Here’s what I read regularly blog wise:
Texas Rangers:
1) My site at
2) The Newberg Report Site; (also available as a blog here).
Seattle Mariners: U.S.S. Mariner.
Philadelphia Phillies: Beerleaguer.
If you know of a good MLB fan blog, let me know. I also read a ton of more generic baseball blogs (Will Carroll’s, a few other Rangers sites, mlb trade rumours, etc..) Let me know if you know of something good there too – although I’m primarily looking for QUALITY fan blogs for specific teams. And it has to be reguarly updated, too.

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