I have way too many DVD’s

Time to read: 2 minutes

I discovered I have way too many DVD’s last night. My wife and I were looking at ways to rearrange our DVD rack so that Samantha couldn’t get to them. There’s a few things that we don’t really need her seeing in there. It’s not like we have porn DVD’s or anything, but something like say Jason X has some images she doesn’t need to see. Right now, the DVD rack is blocked by her Pack & Play which has turned into a giant toybox. But she’s getting to the age where she can pull it out of the way and start pulling DVD’s off the rack should she choose to do so.
So we started looking at other DVD racks. I found one I thought was really nice – it would fit nicely where we had it going, and it had a few nice benefits. It “closed”, so the DVD’s weren’t always on display. But the selling point was that this one locks, so we could keep the rack locked up. That was great. The price wasn’t exactly dirt cheap, but it seemed to be not as stupid expensive as some of this furniture could be like in pricing it.
So I decided to check my current rack – it occurred to me that I should make sure the collection FITS before buying it. These DVD racks always say they hold “X” number of DVD’s, but that always assumes they’re the same standard size DVD case. It doesn’t take into account sets like “The Alien Quadrilogy” or “The Ultimate Matrix Collection” (that have like over a dozen or more DVD’s in the set), or even just larger size boxes. So in counting, I had to count things like Alien Quadrilogy as “four”, and not just one due to the size of the packaging. Turns out my collection was already over the stated limit of the new case by 25 without even buying anything else. Oh well, so much for that idea – no point in spending the $ for a new case if your collection is already larger than it! Blech.
I still like the idea of a locking DVD rack, but with such a huge collection, we’re probably gonna have to buy something REALLY large that will cost more. Darnit.

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