The iPhone

Time to read: <1 minute

The iPhone has been out since last Friday. Everything I’ve read about it (and I’ve read A LOT) since last Friday has told me this thing would be a tech geek’s orgasm. It’s outstandingly pretty, the interface is everything I want.
But Apple went and priced the darn things out of reach of most folks who care about where their money goes. Or at least folks who aren’t single. :)
A few guys at my office have them, I have several friends around the industry, and one of my old time friends recently blogged about his experience buying one and then using it. The more I read, the more I want one. I guess I’ve become financially responsible because I haven’t run out and bought one already, despite having enough credit to probably buy 30 or 40 of them.
Anyway, I continue to torture myself reading about it, and going “GAAH! – $600!” One of the things I read this morning was pretty funny. It was a story about people’s comedic reaction to his not having bought an iPhone. Check it out. Made me laugh.
I still want one. I wonder if actually going to an Apple store and holding one might be too much for me to resist?

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