My marriage must be good

Time to read: 2 minutes

I’ve been married to my wife now for 11.5 years. I’ve known her for almost 21 years total. While I love her a lot, it’s always nice when someone else seems to notice that. A couple of weeks ago, we received a card in the mail at home. Here’s the text contained in the card:

Even though I am finding such pleasure in my singless, I am aware of the beauty that the Lord had in His Heart when He created marriage.

I can see the love many husbands and wives have for one another, but there are some that stand out in such living color that they are simple a delight to the heart to observe. They are standing as a testimony to God, where ttue love, tenderness, fun, and oneness can be seen glowing around them as a couple, and you can almost feel the pleasure in the Lord’s heart!

Thank you for being a couple that adds so much blessing in the house of the Lord by simply wearing your love for one another in living color!

We received this from a single woman in our congregation at church. It was quite the pleasure to receive this card, which is an apparent validation of sorts of the fact that others can see the rather happy marriage Lynn and I have. The best part about this was not so much the note in the card itself, was the fact it was sent by someone we barely know. The woman who sent this was someone I don’t believe we’ve ever actually talked to. When we first received it, I actually thought she was someone else! We have a blind woman in our congregation, I thought the note came from the blind woman, which would have made it extremely impressive! It wasn’t her, but the fact that we received this note was a blessing from God. When I finally figured out who it was, I thanked the woman in person, and told her how surprised we were, especially coming from someone we don’t speak with very often (hardly at all, actually). Her response was “I meant what I said in there – and you never know who is watching”.

Quite the message from the Lord – “Your marriage is good in my eyes”, and “Be careful what you do, as you never know who might see you.” That’s what I took out of this.

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