New WordPress Theme

I’ve changed the look of my blog yet again. I always seem to do that every couple of years.  This time though I went full circle.  The new theme I’m using isn’t any paid one, or anything from a fancy WordPress Theme company.

It’s the built in theme for WordPress called “Twenty Seventeen”.  The stock themes for WordPress have been pretty crap over the years, and when I was looking around for a new one now, it never occurred to me to look at the default theme, as they’ve been so bad in the past.

Well, I looked at it now, and it did almost everything I wanted.  Plus I got to customize the front page a bit and make it a “page” vs the traditional blog into that’s been there forever.

There’s still a couple of things I need to tweak (like full width on blog posts), but I was really shocked at the way it looked.  Wasn’t expecting it to be quite as nice.  :)

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