Call Apogee and Say Aardwolf

As has been documented elsewhere on this blog, I worked for Apogee/3D Realms for almost 17 years in the 90’s and 2000’s.   I did several things there, but one of the things I did in my earliest days was handle phone support.   Back then (which was late 1992/early 1993) we would FREQUENTLY get people who would call up and say “AARDWOLF!”  AARDWOLF!”   Over the years I’ve told the story several times of what the Aardwolf thing was with Apogee, but I don’t think I ever put it down in blog form before, so here goes…. Continue reading “Call Apogee and Say Aardwolf”

Amazon Locker Review

Going into last year, I’ve seen an option on my Amazon checkouts called “Amazon Locker”.  I wondered what that was, and did some research.  It’s basically a place where you can have your Amazon packages delivered to in place of your home or work, and you can go pick it up when you want.   I would imagine for most people there’s little point in using it, as they just have Amazon stuff delivered to their house.   Still, if you live in an apartment (or a housing development) that has one of those “cluster mailbox” things, or if you have a theft problem at your place then this would be a useful idea for sure.   Yeah, you have to drive to pick it up, but then you have to drive to go get stuff from a USPS PO Box, too.  So in that regard, it’s the same. Continue reading “Amazon Locker Review”

Happy Trails, Duke Nukem!

Duke Nukem as a character as been part of my personal and professional life for some time.  Given today is December 31, 2015, I thought I’d take a moment and look back at the games that meant something to me over the years.  There’s been quite a few Duke games, and it’s been now almost five years since the release of Duke Nukem Forever.   This isn’t going to be one of my 10,000 word monolithic articles, but I couldn’t let this last day in 2015 pass without taking a look back at an old friend … Continue reading “Happy Trails, Duke Nukem!”

A thought on new Star Wars

So there’s a new Star Wars trailer that came out last night.  I’ve included it at the bottom of the post on the million to one chance you’re reading this post without having seen it.  Ha.  The trailer and the subsequent placing of tickets for sale broke a whole lot of online ticketing services.  I did manage to get opening night tickets myself, but saw where a lot of friends who actually waited for the appointed time got locked out.  Pro tip: On a timed event like that, ALWAYS check early.  I got my tickets almost two full hours before the time they said tickets would be available.

Anyway… Continue reading “A thought on new Star Wars”

My Meaningful Music

A friend of mine recently posted a list of his favourite albums. I read it, and thought “I can do that”, and then realized that quickly the list would get out of hand, because I have a LOT of music, and I’d list way too much stuff.

So, I decided to do a list too, but change the parameter. This isn’t just a list of albums that I really like, or albums that are really good – heck one of them is downright embarrassing. There’s a million great albums out there, and I own a lot of them. Having said that, the albums here have some significance to my life. Either some personal connection, or after listening to them, it changed the kind of music I listened to in general. I also gave a little detail as to WHY.

So here goes a bunch of albums that mean something to me in no particular order.   You can click on any of the cover art images to be taken to Amazon, where you can check out samples, and maybe even buy one.  :) Continue reading “My Meaningful Music”

Stargunner Music

Back in 1996, a few things happened in my life. I got married, and my former company released a few games that were fairly notable. The more notable game was “Duke Nukem 3D“, a landmark in PC gaming history. The other game that didn’t get as much attention was Stargunner. Stargunner was notable for it being the final game released under the “Apogee Software” game label – after that, everything from my former company was under the name “3D Realms”. So the final game for my company’s old name held some attraction to me. I liked Stargunner a lot, because it was a shooter game – the kind of game that my company had released a few times in the past before that (those being Major Stryker & Raptor). Wanted to say a few words about Stargunner here.

Continue reading “Stargunner Music”

Duke Nukem Swag

Some years ago when “my” version of 3D Realms was still going, there was a really active community of Duke Nukem fans.  There was a thread on the 3D Realms forums asking people to post their collections of stuff.  Initially I didn’t want to participate, because given my job there, I was likely to have more “stuff” than anyone else did.   But after some folks had asked, I decided to give in and post some pictures of my “Duke Nukem swag”.   I posted this back on the 3D Realms forums in 2008, and then on the Gearbox forums in late 2010 or so.   Today (Jul 24, 2015) I saw some tweets from people about Duke collections, so I decided to repost my old pictures here.  Just one or two of these aren’t mine, I’ll note which items weren’t from my personal stash below.  Here they are, with some descriptions as to what is in the pictures… Continue reading “Duke Nukem Swag”

Happy 20th, Rise of the Triad!

I moved from Pennsylvania to Texas in December of 1992.  I took a job with 3D Realms (then just called Apogee Software).  I left a company of 70,000 to come work for a videogame company in Garland of around 20 or so (most of that was order takers at the time).    I stayed there from Dec 1992 to May of 2009 when a bunch of us were notably laid off during the development of Duke Nukem Forever.   During all that time I either participated in or was witness to the development of a boatload of games.  But in all that time I was a true developer in just one of them.   That was Rise of the Triad. Continue reading “Happy 20th, Rise of the Triad!”