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Good news and bad news. One of my favorite restaurants is Chipotle. They have burritos to die for. Unfortunately, they’re not the greatest things for you. I’m on Weight Watchers and the points that the Chipotle Burrito takes up is about 75% of my entire food intake for the day. :eek: Still, it can be budgeted for, and they’re oh so great!
The bad thing about it is that they’re putting one in Mesquite, TX across from Town East Mall (in the old dead Colter’s BBQ spot). Putting one of them close to me is bad news. It will, on the the other hand, save a trip out to Plano (or in town to Dallas). The Mesquite location will be much closer.



  1. Oh god, i love those burritos. Is it just me or do they not have enough of their restaurants around? I should buy some of their stock (if that’s possible) to promote their growth. I want a chipotles on every block!

  2. Bryan Turner says

    Do you have an ETA on it. I am getting very hungry already! Luckily my point value will be fine. :)

  3. Gonna take a moment here

    Gotta talk about Weight. There are SO many blogs about weight loss, but none about weight Gain. Few examples Joe

  4. Gonna take a moment here

    Gotta talk about Weight. There are SO many blogs about weight loss, but none about weight Gain. Few examples Joe

  5. I just started WW and I too LOVE chipotle. I know I cant be “Jarrod” of Chipotle on this program, but I would love to have a burrito every once and a while w/out blowing the whole deal. What did you come up w/as a point value?

  6. I’m about to start WW again and went by there today. I have been searching around to see exactly how many points it would be, but you can do the fajita bowl… rice, green peppers & onions, salsa, lettuce, & chicken… I had it at lunch and was worried it wouldn’t taste as good, but it was wonderful! The only things that really cost you are the rice and chicken. You can also put Smoked Chipotle Tabasco sauce on it and it really adds a smokey kick! Just a thought!

  7. mere Lalak says

    I am on WW too, and I too love Chipotle. to answer some of your questions, Chipotle is actually owned my the McDonalds Corp. (shocker!) However, and thankfully, the MCDonalds people have decided to take a “Hands off” apporach….which is a good thing if you ask me. So yes, if you want to buy stock in Chipotle, you would be looking at McDonalds. :o) anyways, back to WW, I know the Rice and Beans are what makes the burrito so yummy and filling, however, I have “Weight watchered” my usual order from there so that I can still eat for the rest of the day.
    I order the three soft tacos with Chicken, then I top them with the mild tomato salsa and the medium Corn salsa,and then some lettuce. No Cheese, No Sour cream! If you get them to go though, you can top them with Fat free sour cream from home for only .5 to 1 points (depending on how much you use). I guesstimate that these tacos have about 12 points in them all together. Not too bad! and very satisfying.

  8. I made a Chipotle Nutrition Calculator. Thought you might want to check it out:

  9. Chipotle, Baby

    Back a few months ago a coworker of mine was talking about this Mexican place that she went to a lot for burritos.  Since I don’t eat grains or beans, and since this was before the huge onslaught of low-carb everything, I just assumed it was similar

  10. I bought a burrito bowl from chipotle the other day and I really am craving another one, except for the fact that I need to know how many weight watchers points they are before I get another one! :0) Please email me soon

  11. Javajane says

    one soft chipotle Taco with chicken veggies and no sourcream or chees is worth 6 points.. enjoy

  12. Javajane says

    Dont even ask about the burrito bol.. It has 1027 calories in all and about 467 of them from fat..No wonder it is so delicious

  13. McDonald’s never owned Chipotle. They once held a majority share (which anyone with cash can do), but divested of the company last year.

  14. I just had chipotle for the first time over the weekend and it was absolute heaven!

  15. Just wondering how many WW points in a veg burrito bol no dairy, but with guac? (Approx)

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