Holiday DVD Overload

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My wife and I got our first DVD player back around the Holiday season of 1998. We’ve been enamoured with the format ever since, and we’ve watched “the general public” become more crazed with the format since. However, in all the years we’ve had one (this’ll be our 5th year, 6th holiday season) I don’t think I’ve seen such a crowded holiday release schedule of DVD releases as I have this season. Check out this list of what’s being released on DVD this coming fall that I intend on getting..

Aug 26 – Animal House: Double Secret Probation
Oct 07 – Deep Space Nine Season 5 Set
Oct 14 – Star Trek V: Collector’s Edition
Oct 14 – Matrix Reloaded
Oct 21 – Indiana Jones Set
Oct 28 – Looney Tunes Collection
Oct 28 – The Hulk – Maybe, I’m not sure about buying this one, but it is a big name movie.
Nov 04 – Deep Space Nine Season 6 Set
Nov 04 – Finding Nemo
Nov 04 – Weird Al Yankovic: The Ultimate Collection
Nov 11 – Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines
Nov 18 – Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (4 DVD)
Dec 02 – Deep Space Nine Season 7 Set
Dec 02 – Alien Quadrilogy (9 DVD Box Set of all 4 Alien Films, and more)
Dec 16 – Escape from New York Special Edition
I have to admit to being surpised there aren’t more in December itself. I know, it’s probably so people can get their holiday shopping done first, but there’s usually more releases in December itself. Perhaps there’s more to be added (oh great – I already will have a large amount of $ going out the door on these as it is!)
BTW, this is in addition to my already large DVD collection, which can be viewed here.


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