Good Coffee – NOT Starbucks

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I like coffee. Ever since the one year I spent in College, I kind of got hooked on the stuff. I was going to Temple University, and when I would get off the Subway in North Philly, I’d get what I called “A Cup of Mud” from this Roach Coach that was right outside the Cecil B. Moore stop (then it used to be called Columbia). I’d drink that on my way over to wherever I was going, and that was my tradition. When I started working in auto parts warehouses, coffee was a major staple there. Then I worked at a microfilm company in the philadelphia area and since I worked a lot of odd hours, coffee was there, too. So it’s kind of with me – although where I work now it’s probably not as big of a deal, except I need it more to get me going in the morning (which is odd because I drink decaf due to my acid reflux – it’s gotta be a total head thing, as there’s no caffiene to get me moving in decaf).
Thing is, I only like what most people would consider “bad office coffee”. Not that the coffee is actually BAD, but it’s not like a hoity toity fancy coffee like Starbucks. And that’s my entire point here. I simply cannot stand Starbucks coffee. It’s just too damn bitter – you have to put almost the entire sugar can in there to make it drinkable, and by that time it’s too damn sweet. I really do not understand the success of Starbucks, as they charge insane amounts of money for a cup of coffee. I mean really – why do we need to pay in the neighbhorhood of three f’in dollars for a cup of coffee? I know why – it’s got the Starbucks logo on the side. Don’t tell me it’s the “preparation” – how much prep does it take to make a pot of coffee and pour it in a cup? If Starbucks ever offered self serve coffee at half the price (or more), I might drop that rant – but I certainly wouldn’t enjoy the coffee. My wife loves their Coffee Frappucinos, or as I call them “Coffee Slurpees”. Same category – 7-11 should make a coffee slurpee and their price would be 1/3 of Starbucks, and not only that, would be 4 or 5 times the size of the thing! Damn Starbucks. The only good Starbuck is on Battlestar Galactica. I really think it is Dr. Evil running Starbucks sometimes – it would explain their hold on the states.
Anyway, I started this entry because I was drinking a cup of coffee at my desk in the morning, and I enjoyed it. I know most people don’t like my preference of coffee, but dammit – I like it. The other bonus is coffee (w/o all the cream & sugar) as a total zero on Weight Watchers. :)


  1. UMMMMMMM COFFFEEEEEE…. Drink 2 or 3 or 20 cups today!

  2. You wrote: “It’s just too damn bitter ”
    That’s because Starbucks over roasts their coffee. Some coffee experts think it has a burnt taste….
    Well, just my opinion.

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