You bastards!

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As most people who are interested in videogames are doing right now, I went on a hunt for an Xbox 360 this afternoon. I didn’t hit every store that could conceivably have one, but I hit all the major stores in my immediate area, especially after hearing the story on the net about the Best Buy “greeting” story. Well, as usual, I struck out. Quite honestly, I would have been stunned if I had found a 360 to buy.
So, with resign in my heart on another day without one, I called my wife and told her I was on my way home, and asked if there was anything we needed for me to pick up. She said no, but mentioned “What about CompUSA”? That was a great idea, because around Thanksgiving 2001, when Xbox 1 came out, I was able to find one at this same store. That is no guarantee of anything, but I figured it was worth a shot. I drove by the CompUSA near me (it’s this store in Mesquite, TX near Town East Mall) on the way home, and stopped in. Came in the door, and walked over to the videogame section. On my way over, my heart leapt! I saw six Xbox 360 boxes sitting there underneath the demo unit on the endcap. I was all excited!
I got over there, thinking “YES! – I got a 360!”. Picked up the box, and… uh-oh.. It was light. Too light. I then saw the crushing blow. “For Demonstration Only”. It was an empty box. All six of them were. To no one in particular, I went “YOU BASTARDS!“. That was one hell of a tease, putting six empty boxes on the floor (3 regular, 3 core) where people walking over there would think they were for sale. If I was working there, I’d want to set up a webcam to see people’s reactions to picking up the boxes.
I spoke with someone working there, and she said that not only do I have to compete with all the other people in the store wanting them, but the store I was in handled internet orders from, so my chances are next to nil getting an Xbox 360 at this store now. So not only was I 360 less today, I had the added fun of being royally teased by an electronics store, too!
So again, as I sign off this entry, I have this to say about CompUSA! YOU BASTARDS!!


  1. Crooked bastards indeed. Their store manager must be Ashton Kutcher…

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