My anniversary

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Yesterday was my 10th anniversary. I got married to my wife on October 26, 1996. I swear, it does NOT feel like 10 years have passed. 5 or 6 perhaps, but not 10.
Generally when guys make this kind of public statement, there’s some gigantic profession of their love for their woman. That’s not why I’m here. I’ve known my wife for 19 years and 3 months. We’ve been married for 10 of those years. If she doesn’t know how I feel about her by now, she hasn’t been paying attention. Besides, I tell her privately. I don’t need to get all mushy to the world. I will say this. I first asked her to marry me back in 1988. She declined, although claimed at the time if I actually did have a ring on me at the time she would have. I always wondered about that.
Anyway, it’s been a fun ride. We’ve had our problems – what couple hasn’t? But those fade, and the positives are what’s left. As we head into our second decade of marriage, we have a beautiful 18 month old daughter. That has as most parents have discovered become the driving force of our lives.
The Christmas after I turned 30 I was seriously depressed. I had failed in most goals I had set for my life at that point. Little did I know that I would be guided back to my wife the following year, and it’s been great since. Thanks for the years! Couldn’t think of someone better to grow old with.
OK, I got mushier than I thought I was going to, but it wasn’t intended to be that way. :)


  1. Happy Anniversary to you too honey! However, you still need to make me some play doh pate someday….not that I will eat it mind you! :)

  2. Hard to believe 10 years have passed for you guys and 9 for us….time flies. Congrats on 10 years of wedded bliss and best wishes for another happy 10 to come! Its’ a good thing those scissors Lynn got at your wedding have stuck around. ;)

  3. Happy Anniversary! :)

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