I guess I’m excited

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First I said there was no way I could wait till Valentine’s Day, and forced Lynn to call the parents on Monday night.

Then I couldn’t wait three days and started cherry picking telling people at church on Tuesday, as well as telling more family.

Then I couldn’t keep it a secret at work, and told everyone there.

Then I couldn’t stop myself and told the entire church gathering at a meeting at our Rector’s house on Thursday night.

And finally tonight I couldn’t keep it a secret from Samantha.

Lynn is pregnant with our second child. I think I’m excited (after being initially freaked out the first night).

And now there’s no point in keeping it off our blogs, although one of Lynn’s friends posted about it last night. We found out on Monday night. I basically couldn’t keep my mouth shut, and within about 48 hours a lot of people knew. :)

We weren’t particularly trying, but we weren’t taking active steps to stop Lynn from getting pregnant, either. After waffling over the subject for about a year and a half, I decided we should trust God on this, and he let me know I wasn’t really paying attention to what he was trying to tell us. So we’re pregnant. The first official doctor’s visit is in about 4 weeks from now, as Lynn is only about 4-5 weeks pregnant at this point (by her best guess). Her guess on the due date is October 9th, which is one day away from my mother’s birthday.

Anyway, the reason I wrote this entry tonight was that Lynn wanted to wait until the first Doctor’s visit to tell Samantha that “Mommy was pregnant”. We were coming home tonight from a dinner out as a family, and spent a nice moment standing in the back yard looking at the stars in the sky. It was an unusually clear night in Dallas tonight – usually you can see a few stars here and there, and that’s it – if any. But tonight, the stars were too many to count, and they were bright and STRONG. The kind of thing I recall only seeing when you’re out of a large city, and out in the country or something. So when we walked in, Lynn made a remark about something I can’t remember, and ended it with “…because I’m pregnant!” I was pretty sure Samantha had heard that, so I asked Lynn if we could tell her.

She said “OK”, and didn’t seem like she was trying to placate me (which I usually can pick up on), so we told Samantha that “Mommy was pregnant”. Samantha said “OK”, which prompted me to ask her if she knew what it meant “when a mommy was pregnant”. She thought a second, and said “It means that Baby Jesus is growing in her tummy!” That quite frankly stunned me a bit, I didn’t realize her brain would connect the word pregnant with “growing in your tummy”, much less “Baby Jesus”. So I thought a minute, and Lynn lept in with “No, it’s not Baby Jesus, but there is a baby in my tummy”. We then told her there was going to be a new baby living with us soon, and that “you’re going to be a big sister!” The fact that she lept straight to the baby being Jesus tells me that we’re doing something right with her, and our church is a bigger influence on her than we realized.

She seemed excited about it (as a 2yr old can be with that news), and gave mommy a hug. She then asked a few other questions like “is it a boy or a girl?”

[Ed Note: I had to interrupt this story – I just got called to the bedroom as Samantha had a successful attempt at using the potty, so we had to go celebrate. #2 ]

So we told Samantha that we didn’t know if it was going to be a boy or a girl, but after that, she wanted to pat mommy’s tummy, and say “Hi!” to the baby, it was quite cute.

We’ve also picked names, but I think I need to leave something for Lynn to talk about on her blog – if she ever does one, as I’ve stolen her thunder on this at just about every angle. :)

So yeah, I think I’m excited.


  1. Congrats!
    I blogged about it too…

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