Road Trip to Round Rock

Time to read: <1 minute

This past March, I went on a trip down to Round Rock to see the Texas Rangers play their AAA affiliate, the Round Rock Express in the final exhibition game of Spring Training.  It was cool, as I got to ride down with Patrick McCollough, and we had a great time talking baseball, and a ton of other things.  We were sponsored by Chevy, and as such, a video trailer of our trip made it onto the Chevy website this week under the name of our outing, “Chevy Line Drive to Round Rock“.  Check out the trailer below, and the website, which also includes some pictures, and a 15 minute or so interview with the four of us that went there on our thoughts leading into the season.

As a side note, the video shot of Patrick in the car, and the shot of driving down the road was filmed by me using a Flipcam.  :)

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