Steve Jobs RIP

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Steve Jobs died today.  Here’s some news on it.  It certainly adds weight as to why he didn’t make an appearance at the iPhone 4S presser yesterday.

I didn’t write either of these two remarks, but I echo them exactly.  Thanks to Chris F for these..

“For a man I never met, Steve Jobs had an undeniable and unmeasurable impact on my life, my career, and my daily affairs. Rest in peace.”

“Saw the Steve Jobs news when I loaded up on my iPad to get info on the iPhone 4S and iOS5. That says so much about his impact.”

This one below is mine, though.

The filename of the image on of Steve Jobs’ RIP msg was “t_hero.jpg“. Tells you what someone there thinks of him.



  1. A “hero” image is a specific type of image used in a website’s layout. It’s usually huge.

    For example, the current front page image (iPhone 4S) is found at

    Just FYI. ;)

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