The Story of Rise of the Triad

I’ve written about Rise of the Triad many times on this blog before.  I will write about it again.  I loved my time working on that game, and I have a ton of fun memories of the people who were on ROTT with me.  But that’s not why I’m writing.  I’m here to mention a very cool new Youtube video that just came out today about ROTT.   Titled “The Story of Rise of the Triad”, it’s a half hour look at the game, where it came from, some of it’s quirks and whatnot.

It was created by Peter Leigh, aka “Nostalgia Nerd”, and I very much enjoyed it.  Hell, he’s the first person to do a ROTT look back that went so far as to include a clip from Red Dwarf showing “Sebastian Doyle”.  One note about that.  The Red Dwarf connection was unofficial.  The Doyle was my own addition. As created, Tom called the character Sebastian Krist.  I added “Doyle” after the fact.  :) [Read more…]

Happy 20th, Rise of the Triad!

I moved from Pennsylvania to Texas in December of 1992.  I took a job with 3D Realms (then just called Apogee Software).  I left a company of 70,000 to come work for a videogame company in Garland of around 20 or so (most of that was order takers at the time).    I stayed there from Dec 1992 to May of 2009 when a bunch of us were notably laid off during the development of Duke Nukem Forever.   During all that time I either participated in or was witness to the development of a boatload of games.  But in all that time I was a true developer in just one of them.   That was Rise of the Triad. [Read more…]

ROTT Video Capture #2

A few months ago, I posted a video showing some video capture sessions from a game I was involved in the creation of, “Rise of the Triad”.   The response to that was popular, and then I never delivered any more of them.   Well, tonight I have some more to watch.  :) [Read more…]

ROTT Video Capture #1 [ UPDATED ]

joefish2Rise of the Triad is a game I really loved working on. Well, the original one, I didn’t work on the newer Interceptor version.   ROTT was by far my personal highlight of my 20 years working in the videogame industry.   Not only was I a mapper in the game, I was a character in the game.  I played the second boss character, “Sebastian Krist”.  To that, we were all digitized for the game.  We all got dressed up, stood on a rotating board, so multiple angles could be captured, and did death scenes, all of that.   This was in 1993 mind you, so tech back then was a lit more primitive than it was today. [Read more…]


I was a game developer many a moon ago on a title called “Rise of the Triad“.  The original game I worked on came out in 1994/1995, and has developed a rather cult status over the years, and it’s being revived and re-released by Interceptor Entertainment later this month (check out their site for it).  I was chatting with one of the guys from Interceptor (Fred) about the game, and one of the oddities in one of the levels I did, called “The Vomitorium”.   It’s specifically regarding a wall texture that says “YOU DO NOT BELONG HERE”.   This short story is probably only of interest to hardcore Rise of the Triad fans. [Read more…]