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Heart of TARDIS (Doctor Who Series)

Tonight I was looking through my nightstand in my bedroom for something, and realized what a horrifically large number of books I have on the “to read” pile. It’s taken up the entire lower drawer of my nightstand, so many that nothing else can fit in there.

I also haven’t read much in the last several months. The last book I read was a Doctor Who Book called Heart of Tardis, which I thought was really bad. I read it mostly on a flight home from visiting family this past July. However, I got about 35 pages left in it, and I realized I still had no idea what was really going on. It was very confusing, and quite frankly, I felt that 200 or so pages into it you should have an idea what was going on. I didn’t, and decided on Jan 2nd, 2005 to finally abandon a book I was not having any fun reading 6 months ago.

However, my point was not really to write about the Doctor Who book, but the state of my to read list. I noticed that quite a few books were not in my online version of the to be read list. So I brought it all up to speed. Check out my books page, where you can read reviews of various books I’ve read, things I’m currently reading, and the all too large list of books I still need to read (which totals TWENTY NINE).


  1. I know someone who has a quote in “Masters of Doom”! ;)

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