Happy Trails, Duke Nukem!

Duke Nukem as a character as been part of my personal and professional life for some time.  Given today is December 31, 2015, I thought I’d take a moment and look back at the games that meant something to me over the years.  There’s been quite a few Duke games, and it’s been now almost five years since the release of Duke Nukem Forever.   This isn’t going to be one of my 10,000 word monolithic articles, but I couldn’t let this last day in 2015 pass without taking a look back at an old friend … [Read more…]

Duke Nukem Swag

Some years ago when “my” version of 3D Realms was still going, there was a really active community of Duke Nukem fans.  There was a thread on the 3D Realms forums asking people to post their collections of stuff.  Initially I didn’t want to participate, because given my job there, I was likely to have more “stuff” than anyone else did.   But after some folks had asked, I decided to give in and post some pictures of my “Duke Nukem swag”.   I posted this back on the 3D Realms forums in 2008, and then on the Gearbox forums in late 2010 or so.   Today (Jul 24, 2015) I saw some tweets from people about Duke collections, so I decided to repost my old pictures here.  Just one or two of these aren’t mine, I’ll note which items weren’t from my personal stash below.  Here they are, with some descriptions as to what is in the pictures… [Read more…]

Happy 20th Blake & Duke

It’s December 3rd, 2013.   That means that 20 years ago, it was December 3rd, 1993.   What is the big deal with that?  Well, a company I worked for released two new games on that date.  “Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold”, and “Duke Nukem II”.   That’s right, Apogee (my Apogee, not the current one – from here referred to as just “Apogee”) put out a couple of new games that day.   If I was still at my former job, this is the kind of piece I’d write for the website.  But I’m not there anymore, and I didn’t want the dates to pass unremarked.  So here we go.  A few thoughts from me on these two titles. [Read more…]

Nuking a Lobby Floor

Those who know me know I worked for Apogee/3D Realms for over 16 years (from 1992-2009).  I was fiercely loyal for any number of reasons, one of which is the way the owners treated me during my time there.   I worked at two different offices during my time there.  The first one from 1992-2002, and then the second from Nov 2002 to May 2009.   I liked both of the places I worked at, but insofar as the actual OFFICES go, the best thing about either of them was the lobby floor in the second building.   At first I didn’t think much was going to come of it.   However, after a few trips to the new place to see how construction was going, I found myself seriously impressed with what I saw coming together.  It was a giant Nuke logo on the lobby floor right inside the door.   It was bloody beautiful.  It was also meticously planned out.  It was a tile floor with the Duke Nukem “nuke” logo laid out in small tile squares.   [Read more…]

Goodbye Duke Nukem

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight. (Proverbs 3:5-6)

Today is August 31, 2011. It’s a day that’s fairly odd for me emotionally. It’s in some ways the end of the road for the biggest single “event” in my working career. You see, today’s my last day at Gearbox Software. [Read more…]

History of Duke Nukem Part I

In the rampup to the release of Duke Nukem Forever in June, a series of videos have begun to be released.   The first in the history series came out a short while ago, and it’s a cool look into some fiddly bits regarding the early history of Duke Nukem, and the franchse before “Forever”.   I’m in this one as one of the talking heads.  Check it out.


Duke Nukem Forever Interview

This video interview of Duke Nukem Forever is near the start of the press rolling forwards towards the game’s release.   Definitely cool!


Duke Nukem Forever