Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a big baseball fan. I also (almost blindly) support my baseball team. I was as shocked as most people when Arod came here to Texas a few years ago. However, with the current bruhaha (sp?) regarding Arod being traded to the Red Sox…

Congratulations Marlins!

Congratulations go out to the Marlins for winning the World Series – for a couple of reasons. One, behind some great play, and an exciting team, but at least for me, more importantly.. The Yankees lost! Gotta love that. THE YANKEES LOST!

The Yankees SUCK!

I hope my mom doesn’t see this, but if she does, I know you didn’t raise me this way, but I get this way about my sports.. FUCK THE YANKEES. Period. That’s all I have to say about them. Fish in Four! Let’s go!

Dallas Stars New Uniforms

Dallas Stars New Uniforms I see Jim Lites, after supervising the destruction of the Texas Rangers wonderful and very striking red uniforms, has decided to introduce a rather garish new alternate uniform for the Dallas Stars, a new uniform that is shown here and was used for the first time tonight in a 4-2 win […]

Red Sox / A’s – NLCS Game 5

For the 2003 season, I saw 33 games in person. I watched untold (probably over 100) other games on TV, some on radio, and even closed down a stadium (I was in Philly for the closing of Veterans Stadium). However, I don’t think I saw a game quite as good as I saw tonight on […]

Texas Rangers Radio

I grew up in Philadelphia, and as a kid living in a town, I didn’t know much baseball outside of my own town. Hell, until I was 23 I never saw a baseball game anywhere except Veterans Stadium (which is being shut down next weekend – I’ll be going there from Garland, TX for that). […]