The future

As I sit here at my desk, I realize I’ve forgotten to turn on my speakers, and forgot to run this program. I wish I could have an office and house like Marty McFly had in Back to the Future II. When you walk in the door, everything happens automatically. This turns on, that starts […]

Chef! & Doctor Who Return

I love British TV. I know a lot of folks who like British TV are zealots about it, watching every single show that’s produced. I’m not quite like that, but the ones I do like I like a lot, so I tend to know a ton about them. Over the past weekend, two of the […]

Tripping the Rift

Awhile back, I was shown a short film off the Internet called Tripping the Rift. It was quite funny, and it was fairly adult in nature in that it had no problems with either language, or nudity. Except for the nudity, it kind of reminded me of the online short film that launched Beavis & […]

What is this?

A couple of weeks ago I saw some odd looking things attached to a few streetlights around town. Attached here is a picture of one of them – taken about two blocks or so from my house. It’s not just this particular neighbhorhood, I’ve seen them in a few places in and around Garland. Anyone […]