ROTT Video Capture #2

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A few months ago, I posted a video showing some video capture sessions from a game I was involved in the creation of, “Rise of the Triad”.   The response to that was popular, and then I never delivered any more of them.   Well, tonight I have some more to watch.  :)

The video tonight shows you some of the monk video capture sessions.  These are for the Death Monk, and the Death Fire Monk, played by Lee Jackson & Allen Blum respectively.   There is also Tom Hall’s El Oscuro monk, but he’s a boss, so I thought I’d put him in his own video later.

There’s three sections to this one.   First is Lee’s monk, second is Allen’s, and the final one is “nobody”.  That is a section where we tried to capture the robe from the Monk dropping to the ground itself.   The theory was that if you killed one of the monks, the body would disappear, and the robe would be left there and would fall to the ground.  Not sure how well that came off in the tech of 1994, but it was decent enough for the era.

If you want to read some more background on how I found all this (including a picture of the actual VHS tapes this was all captured from), check out Entry #1 in this series elsewhere on my blog.   I’ll have more of these shortly (and a lot faster than it took to get #2 out the door).

Also, the video is mute.  There was no audio on the original VHS tape, so I muted the whole thing, otherwise you’d be listening to a lot of hiss on the audio track.



  1. Thanks for doing this Joe – loved this game as a kid. Fascinating to see these behind the scenes bits, especially of characters I have blown away so many times:p

    And with all those costumes, and all the ingame jokes, etc, it looks like you guys had a blast making this game. Look forward to the rest:)

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