The Story of Rise of the Triad

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I’ve written about Rise of the Triad many times on this blog before.  I will write about it again.  I loved my time working on that game, and I have a ton of fun memories of the people who were on ROTT with me.  But that’s not why I’m writing.  I’m here to mention a very cool new Youtube video that just came out today about ROTT.   Titled “The Story of Rise of the Triad”, it’s a half hour look at the game, where it came from, some of it’s quirks and whatnot.

It was created by Peter Leigh, aka “Nostalgia Nerd”, and I very much enjoyed it.  Hell, he’s the first person to do a ROTT look back that went so far as to include a clip from Red Dwarf showing “Sebastian Doyle”.  One note about that.  The Red Dwarf connection was unofficial.  The Doyle was my own addition. As created, Tom called the character Sebastian Krist.  I added “Doyle” after the fact.  :)

Here’s the video.  Enjoy.  I did.


And for you Peter, here’s a brand new picture I just took of the Gad sheet tonight.  It’s on an iMac now, but I told Tom back in 1996 when he left Apogee to go form Ion Storm with Romero, I’ll always keep the Gad sheet on my monitor.  Have kept that word 21 years later.  :)


  1. Thanks for sharing this Joe, and the glorious GAD sheet! :D

    It still surprises me to find that Red Dwarf connection. Especially from across the Atlantic! It’s also set me on another Red Dwarf binge, so once that’s over I’ll probably take another look at some other aspects of RoTT!

  2. I was gonna send some fan mail, but I couldn’t find your address, so I just want to say that having played Rise Of The Triad for the first time (yes, in 2018), I really enjoyed it.

    It’s *very* arcade-y, and the juxtaposition of digitized photorealistic actors with absolutely surreal and absurd cartoon violence and gore is wonderful.
    Reading about your experiences and your fondness for working on Rise Of The Triad makes me appreciate it even more.
    I also want to say that Duke Nukem 3D was one of the first games which taught a young punk kid me to actually really appreciate challenge and level design. It’s a game extremely close to my heart.

  3. You’re welcome. Was definitely a fun time in my life. Thanks for the feedback!

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