Bush is stupid

Not Dubya (not that he’s an MIT grad anyway), but I’m talking about his twit brother Jeb Bush. Not only did his state cause a complete fiasco in the last presidential election, but now he goes and DOES SOMETHING AS STUPID AS THIS. What’s the message here? Act like a total jackass and you’ll get […]

Political correctness runs amok again

In another move by perpetually annoying group of twonks named PETA, they.. aw hell, just read the news story below. In honor of these morons, I’ll be sure and have a steak tonight.


Everyone else is talking about this, I might as well weigh in on the subject, too. OK, as I’m sure everyone noticed on Sunday evening, Janet Jackson had her right breast exposed on national television. It was quite frankly, the only thing worthwhile about the entire halftime show. Halftime shows are generally crap, although the […]

High Priced Shopping Carts

I’m in the parking lot of Sam’s Club today loading the trunk of my car with some stuff I had bought. I’m walking my shopping cart over to the metal whatever you call it that sits in a spot to collect carts. I’m reading the sign which says “Help keep your costs low by putting […]